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Company profile

      Jiangyin Chuangtong Laminate Equipment Co., Ltd.  conforms to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, more domestically produced Chinese medicine products and biological products to international needs, and develops and produces a variety of chromatography column extraction equipment. The company is producing high-content plants for the use of chromatography columns. Extraction, biosynthesis of refined product equipment manufacturers.
      The company specializes in the production of various column devices, and can provide small-scale production lines and small-scale laboratory columns for the research and development of new high-efficiency drugs and new-type high-quality health care products for universities and research institutes. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and health care product manufacturers provide various large-scale production equipment for chromatography, extraction, and drying.
      The company will continue to absorb advanced technology at home and abroad as long as the concept of technology and superb production technology. According to "CMP" standards and strict testing, strict management practices, suitable for a variety of customer requirements to produce excellent products. To contribute to the international development of pharmaceutical products and health products industry in China.
My company's purpose: to explore innovation, excellent service. Quality-oriented, honesty.

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